Friday, March 16, 2007

Nanocity by Sabeer Bhatia

Sabeer Bhatia [Hotmail fame] wants to create Nanocity in Haryana,India
with the help of governement.
He expects that Nanocity will be better than the Silicon Valley of the US.
This is a Rs 50 billion venture of which half the amount will be mobilised by Bhatia.

Penryn: Next Intel processor

Penryn is the codename given to the next microprocessor from Intel.
It is made with the advanced 45nm technology.
[45 nanometer is the drain-source seperation of the Transistor- basic building block of the chip].
Here is more details:Penryn

Polyglot 3000: An automatic language identifier

Polyglot 3000
This is an automatic language identifier which supports around 400 languages.
See the supported languages here
Although it claims that it can recognize single words or phrase,
It is failing to recognize the word "english".
Showing "Language not recognized".
Anyway it is a good innovation.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Free Advanced Toolbar

Advancedtoolbar is free toolbar for Internet Exploter.
It can search in 100's of websites including Alltheweb,Google,Yahoo,Youtube etc.
Advancedtoolbar also provides spyware removal and popup-blocker.
Here are the features of the toolbar.

Human Ability: Prahlad Jani

The Yogis can break the "scientific" rules.
[By the way yogi is a person who can keep his/her mental strength
on all situations].
Prahlad Jani is a person who can fast for 10 days completely.
Without taking food and water.

Here is the BBC report

Clearly persons with this kind of mental abilities are very rare.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

SimpleOCR: Free Optical Character Recognition

You can convert any scanned document into an editable text
which is campatible with MS Word or Wordperfect.
To quote the website "Not only is SimpleOCR up to 99% accurate, it is 100% free."
You can download it here

The steps involved in converting a paper doc to editable text is
1.Take the photo of document with camera/cellphone.
2.Send it to qipit to obtian a pdf.
3.Make an editable text from the the above pdf with SimpleOCR.

Qipit: Convert Paper docs to PDF through email

Qipit is a Free service to capture and share documents.
You can take a photo of written documents/scanned documents
with your camera phone or digital camera
and send it to qipit as an email.
You will get a high resolution pdf in return.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mediafire: Free File Hosting

Here is another free and user friendly file hosting service.
Advantage is that NO waiting time for download(like mihd).
As of now unlimited storage space and unlimited no of downloads.
In case you forgot the uploaded file's URL, then you can recapture it
if you have already signed up for a free account.
It is scoring over in these ways.
(In rapidshare, if a 50MB download is completed then a waiting time of
one hour is needed before downloading the next file - for a free account).
Mediafire supports download managers Download Accelerator Plus and

PowerToys for Windows XP

PowerToys are useful programs developed to help Windows XP users.
Image Resizer
If you install this program and right click on any image(s),
"Resize Picture" option will come the menu.
You can download it here

Power Calculator
This can evaluate functions and draw graphs.
Some trigonometric functions are also included.
You can download it from here

Alt-Tab Replacement
Alt-tab plus preview facility.
Particularly helpful when multiple sessions of same application are open.

Their homepage is located here.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Product Based Software Companies in India

Here is a pack of Indian Software companies who are using the real talent
of programmers to come up with genuine products.
This is in contrary with the software services industry.

Ittiam Systems
Product: DSP(Digital Signal Processing) solutions for portable media players.
The core management team was earlier with Texas Instruments, India.

IBS Software
Product: aIRES - Passenger reservation and inventory management solution.
CEO: V.K. Mathews

Sasken Communication Technologies
Product: Telecom Software especially for cellphones
CEO: Rajiv C. Mody

3i Infotech
Product: Kastle - A banking product that deals with origination,
servicing and collection of funds.
CEO: V. Srinivasan

Subex Azure
Product: RocWare - Operational efficiency and service agility suite for Telecom.
CEO: Subash Menon

Product: Tally accounting package.
CEO: B. Goenka

Tejas Networks
Product: Optical Networking Products.
CEO: Sanjay Nayak

Freeware to Convert LIT(Microsoft Reader) to PDF or other formats

ABC Amber LIT Converter is a Freeware utility that can convert .lit
(Microsoft Reader) files to PDF, HTML, CHM, RTF, HLP, DOC and some more formats.
You need not install Adobe Acrobat or MS Word for this purpose.
See the screenshot for the complete conversion options.
Batch conversion facility is also available.

Download ABC Amber LIT Converter

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Free online file conversion utilities

Zamzar is a free online conversion tool. It can convert image,doc,music and video formats. conversion types are offered here. You can see the large number of options there. It is not giving Powerpoint to video(MPEG,AVI,WMV) conversion.